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DIRTT Healthcare

DIRTT healthcare offers customized, accessible support for medical gasses, equipment, plumbing, power/data, handrails, furniture, storage and audio/visual systems. Initial construction, daily operations and potential reconfigurations occur with the least amount of disruption, waste and noise. Design opportunities for patient comfort and efficiencies for staff are endless due to the parametric nature of the system.

Peter Pepper Products

Expressive elements specifically designed for the healthcare market. Elements include: infection control centers for all areas of acute and ambulatory facilities, clocks and synchronized wireless clocks, messaging systems and guest centers for patient rooms, HIPPA compliant file chart holders, express desk for nurse touch down space, patient room information boards, magazine and literature racks, recycling bins, benches & folding chairs.


Wood veneer casegood solutions for the physician’s office, providing a variety of aesthetics from traditional to contemporary. Their wide range of product elements include tables, swivel and guest seating, bariatric and conferencing.

Cabot Wrenn Care

Cabot Wrenn has a rich design heritage and strong history of customization. The design of Cabot Wrenn Care has been influenced by the people that use the product and are known for their quality and craftsmanship. Please feel free to explore our many offerings in the lobby, lounge, patient rooms, bariatric centers and administrative areas

DIRTT Millwork

DIRTT Millwork provides a unique modular cabinetry solution that can attach to both the DIRTT walls and to conventional drywall. The base cabinets can also be completely freestanding or used in conjunction with the DIRTT walls to create nurse's stations and other free standing elements. The product is adaptive, agile, and revolutionary in its construction solutions. Our product has been used in clinics, hospital rooms, labs, locker rooms, admitting centers, nurse's stations and a host of other medical applications. It is built for durability and is designed to stand the daily and nightly use involved in a healthcare environment.

Unika Vaev Textiles

Beautiful fabrics uniquely woven with most patterns approved to accept the NanoTex technology. This finish provides anti-staining, anti-moisture and anti-microbial protection critical for healthcare application.